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Worship Service

Worship Service in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Whether you're new to Winnipeg, MB, Canada, or you've lived in the city for years, you'll likely find yourself looking for a worship service at some point. If you search for ‘church near me’ in Winnipeg, MB. you'll surely find many options – but which one should you choose? Part of this depends on how specific you want to be about your next congregation, and whether you're looking to replicate past experiences or seek out new ones. Many people want to find a unique congregation due to not being all that happy with the standard offerings.
Those who are facing challenging circumstances like disabilities, addictions, or other problems have found that a typical church isn't as welcoming as it should be. They will be particularly interested in a unique option that makes it a point to cater to those like them. Our worship service is focused on not only providing a welcoming environment, but an empowering one. Its lively gospel music adds to the effect and gets you full of hopeful energy.
Of course, this ‘church near me’ in Winnipeg, MB isn't only for those who are facing exceptional difficulties. It's great for everyone who wants an experience that goes beyond the usual boring service and brings in the feeling of a vibrant, living relationship with Christ.
There are two worship services per week at the Fresh Start Empowerment Centre. One is on Sunday, as is traditional, and it starts at 10:30 AM. The other is the Intercession and Prayer, and it takes place on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. This makes it so that you can catch at least one service per week even if the other is at a time when you aren't available.

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