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Community Church

What Makes Up a Community Church in Winnipeg, MB?

There are a number of ways a community church is different from a more generic type. At a community church, the first thing you'll notice is a different attitude. Unlike many large, city-based congregations, the people in the "community" version will actually make an attempt to get to know you. This is actually possible, too, thanks to the church not being some big tourist stop with constant transient visitors.
A community church also does things to help the people who live nearby. Often, this takes the form of charity work such as helping out at a food bank, but it can also take much more direct forms like running a community youth sports program. The overall goal, especially for those that are more hands-on and local, is to become or remain established as an important part of the local community.

If you are looking for a community church in Winnipeg, MB, come to Fresh Start Empowerment Centre. Our community church in Winnipeg, MB, was birthed out of a vision to see a community empowered through redemptive authority.

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