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Family Church

The Benefits of a Family Church in Winnipeg, MB

If you have children at home in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, they may complain about "having to" go to church. In this day and age, simply forcing them to come isn't going to cut it in the long term. That may get them in right now, but it won't cause the lifetime habit of church attendance and faithfulness that you surely want to inspire. What do you do to get them to actually want to go to church, then?
The key to getting your children to want to attend a Christian church is to take them to one that treats them as important members of the congregation. At our family church in Winnipeg, MB, we don’t expect kids to sit there quietly while they are bored to tears for an hour or more. Instead, it has plenty of kids church activities that take into account that they are energetic and can't comfortably just sit still for long.
Our kids church in Winnipeg, MB offers activities according to the kids' ages to help them connect closer to Christ. The younger a child is, the less time he or she can sit still and absorb information. Therefore, our kids church in Winnipeg, MBwill have more physical activity for very young children, while offerings for those in junior high or above will become more adult-like over time. This ensures that the kids will always have something to look forward to, and won't balk at the idea of going to church on Sunday.
When children are brought up with church being a fun and engaging experience, they'll be far more likely to continue to attend once they reach adulthood. This will provide the foundation needed for a lifetime of faith. It will also help to ensure that faith itself is seen as a positive and uplifting experience, rather than a boring duty to be fulfilled. In the meantime, you will also enjoy being part of a vibrant congregation of families.
So if you are looking for a kids church in Winnipeg, MB or family church in Winnipeg, MB, make sure to come to Fresh Start Empowerment Centre.

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