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Worship Ministry

Are You Searching for a Worship Ministry for Praise and Worship in Winnipeg, MB?

If you are searching for a worship ministry for  praise and worship in Winnipeg, MB, come to Fresh Start Empowerment Centre. We are a non-denominational Christian worship ministry was birthed out of a vision to see a community empowered through redemptive authority. We seek to encourage every man woman and child that is affected by this ministry to not just go through the motions but to have a living vibrant exciting personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Fresh Start Empowerment Centre believes that good music is such an important part of praise and worship that it anoints its musicians into the mission instead of just asking for volunteers or hiring some outsiders to come in and play the piano. This not only helps to increase the quality of the music by giving the musicians a sense of duty and purpose, but ensures that they put real energy into the output. There's nobody involved who is just punching the clock!
The choice of music is another important part of worship here. It is all uplifting gospel music that will wake you up on a Sunday morning and get you ready to face the rest of the week. If you were sleepy when you came in, you won't be by the time you head back out!

At our worship ministry, we have our own group of "anointed musicians" to ensure that you'll never fall asleep or tune out during the musical portion of its program. Its pastor is not only a preacher with a Missionary Evangelist background, but also a music director and vocalist. This makes him far more attuned to what counts as good music than the average church leader, and this shows in what you'll hear inside this church.
So if you are looking for a place of praise and worship in Winnipeg, MB, Canada on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. They'll be waiting for you!


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